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Old lead pipe to replace by professional plumber due to health hazard
Learn About It

Get smart about lead in your properties.

Handling lead in your properties means understanding your responsibilities. Legally, you must inform tenants about any lead in paint, but it can also be found in old plumbing and soil.

We’ve gathered some helpful tools just for people who own properties, so you can deal with lead and keep your renters safe. There are lots of local groups ready to help property owners. Using these tools to fight lead dangers will make your rental places safer and healthier for everyone living there.

Are your properties in the City of Grand Rapids?

Look at their map to find out if you have lead pipes going to your properties.

Test It

Testing is the easiest way to know if there's an issue.

Lead can show up in places you might not think about. So, it’s really important to check your buildings and their water systems for lead, especially if they were built before 1978.

Luckily, there are many groups and companies that can help you find out if there’s lead in your properties. They’ll let you know what they discover and help you figure out what steps to take next.

Person conducting a home inspection survey
Person conducting a home inspection survey
Repair It

Expert Solutions vs. DIY Options

You can do a bit on your own, but experts who specialize in getting rid of lead are really good at finding and removing it. This makes your properties safer and healthier to live in.

There are local programs out there that can help pay for this work. They may give money to help cover the cost of taking lead out, which makes it easier for property owners to do this important job and make homes safer and healthier for the families living there.

Do you need financial assistance?

If you need financial assistance to get lead out of your properties, there may be resources available. Please note that all resources are based on eligibility and availability.

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