For Home Owners

Learn About It

Lead can hide in places you wouldn't think to look.

This is especially true if you live in a house built before 1978. Knowing more about those locations means you can keep your family safe from its harmful effects.

This is especially important if you have children living in your home. Exposure to lead, even in small amounts, can lead to serious health and developmental problems.

Is your home in the City of Grand Rapids?

Look at their map to find out if you have lead pipes going to your properties.

Test It

How to take action if you think there is lead in your home. 

Thankfully, there are lots of groups and businesses that can help you test your home or your child tested for lead exposure. They will tell you what they find and guide you on what to do next to keep your family safe and healthy.

Person conducting a home inspection survey
Person conducting a home inspection survey
Repair It

Expert Solutions vs. DIY Options

After testing your child for lead, and if you find out there’s lead in or near your home, it’s important to get rid of it or fix the problem.

There’s a lot of help out there, from local to national resources, if you want to try removing the lead yourself. However, hiring experts who are trained to deal with lead is usually the safest way to make sure it’s all gone.

Do you need financial assistance?

If you need financial assistance to get lead out of your home, there may be resources available. Please note that all resources are based on eligibility and availability.

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