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Your Rights as a Renter in Michigan

Many families in Michigan, especially those living in older homes, are concerned about the potential for lead paint hazards. Lead exposure can have serious health consequences, particularly for…

DIY Guide to Lead-Safe Renovation

If your home was built before 1978, it’s likely that lead-based paint was used in its construction. For DIY enthusiasts looking to renovate such homes, it’s critical to approach the project with…

Lead Assessment and Remediation

Once you have determined that you are ready to take action, the next step is to hire a certified lead professional to perform a lead inspection and risk assessment on your home.

Lead-Safe Cleaning Guide

If you have areas of your home that have or you suspect may have lead, always use these lead-safe cleaning tips to clean the affected areas.

Precautions for Those in Older Homes

Lead may be present in older homes. You can take precautions to help reduce your family’s risk of lead exposure.

Grand Rapids Lead Service Line Replacement – Ten Pay Program

Low-interest, 10-year loans for lead line replacement in Grand Rapids. For homes not in city or EPA projects. Call (616) 456-3041 for details.

Get Your Water Tested by Prein & Newhof

Prein & Newhof, a lab specializing in water testing for lead, serves parents/homeowners. Fee-based; call (616) 364-8491 for rates and sign-up.

Lead Remediation Information — U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

A comprehensive resource for homeowners who would like to start the process of making their homes lead safe.

Effects of Lead Exposure

Lead is most harmful to children, especially those younger than age 6 because their brains and nervous systems are…

Lead Poison Information — Medline Plus

A comprehensive overview of lead facts and information, including scientific research, videos and tutorials.
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